Aspect Photography
Aspect Photography

Aspect Photography

Portrait, Commercial, Fashion, Lifestyle, Event, and Wedding Photography based in Visalia, CA.

Contact Us at 559-362-8889 or come by the PhotoMenage Studios in downtown Visalia to set up a consultation or book a shoot.

208 W Main St. in the Montgomery Square Plaza ( right behind the Tazzaria Cafe)
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Local news is the best.

Wish I got to write the captions on news feeds.

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I’ve been cheating a bit

All of what I have posted since declaring that I’ be posting a picture everyday have been quickies take with my phone or just old shots reposted.  It’s the effort that counts right?



Everyday from this day on, which is Tuesday June 7th, I am going to post a picture everyday. It’s sort of a goal from myself, but also a photoblog is boring without new stuff. It maybe from my phone, snapshots, previews of shoots, or random old shots being revisited but I’m going to be posting it.

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